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Sarah Faulk

About Me

I am aspiring Fashion Photographer and Freelance Photographer. My inspiration for photography came from living in Germany for 4 years. Being a military brat, you get use to adapting to all kinds of lifestyles but for me Germany was one of the hardest to adapt to. The country is filled with a lot of rich culture and landscapes which is what first opened my photogenic eye and passion for photography. I started attending the Art Institute of San Antonio in the fall of 2013 and ever since I have made big changes in my thoughts, hopes, and dreams for Photography. Being in school has really shaped and molding me to be different. I feel like I am writing my story for success every time I push the shutter. I believe if you love what you do, you never get tired of doing it. I want to create my life and career from photography because its something I love and enjoy, I pride myself on that, and I believe as I grow as a photographer I will capture my path to launch me into my future.

Thank You!

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